Why Use A Personal Trainer

Personal Training can help you reach your goals1352406012nal_trainer3

Having been a personal trainer for almost thirty years one thing I am sure of is that no change can ever occur in an individual without the conscious acknowledgment of the effort that will be needed to initiate and continually propel said change or changes. The problem with change is that as human beings we have the ability to adapt but as human beings we also have the subconscious resistance to change.

This subconscious resistance is the root difficulty with embarking on successful diet and exercise regimens.  Personal training helps people overcome this resistance by teaching them the tools needed to be successful and to clearly delineate the path that takes them where the wish to go.  Proceeding blindly without guidance in any endeavor is usually not prudent and enlisting the guidance of an expert is useful.  I’m an expert and can help you reach your fitness and dietary goals here in Bergen County NJ.  This blog will provide guidance and insight into proper techniques, strategies and implementation.  Everything from the proper mindset for training, to dietary tips and to philosophical questions.

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