What to do with those New Years Resolutions

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The New Year has started and you still haven’t implemented the changes necessary to make those New Year’s resolutions a reality.  You can’t get back yesterday, but you can change today.  Previous articles have addressed the difficulties humans have with change, so at this juncture we will take as a given that change runs contrary to human beings innate comfort zone.  This article will cover eating and diet: the next blog post will cover exercise.

Now that we started working on change we need to look carefully at the things we wish to change and establish parameters that are workable and reasonable.  Loss of body fat and improvement in diet is a common resolution.  Make a short term weight loss goal that coupled with further short term weight loss plans will result in permanent weight loss.  Individuals who have been eating very badly may find difficulty in eating a healthy diet. Many people may also have problems with proper timing and frequency of eating.  One of the major downfalls of peoples’ dietary practices is skipping meals.  One of the most skipped from eating meals is breakfast.  The metabolism does not quicken after waking from sleep till we either eat or exercise.  The best way to quicken your weight loss is to eat 5 small meals a day.  Many people may find that eating 5 meals is a lofty number to start with. Many people have only been eating one or two meals a day.  Dieters may want to start with 3 small meals a day and then expand that to 5 meals after an initial adaptation period.  Many individuals have problems with the morning breakfast start, so that alone might be an immediate short term goal.  Remember short term goals.

There is no necessity to carry a calorie book around, use good judgment.  Practice portion control when eating.  Keeping a food diary is a good way to be accountable to one self for ones’ diet.  You must write down what you are going to eat before you consume it. This writing prior to eating forces an individual to be accountable to one self before possible bad eating.   You may consume larger portions of low calorie food and small portions of caloric dense foods.  Remember to drink 2 to 4 quarts of water a day.  Water helps to give the stomach the feeling of satiation thus reducing the desire to eat more food

In closing make reasonable goals that are obtainable on a short term basis.