The Seven Variables of Weight Training

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Whether you are a stay at home mom in Franklin Lakes N.J., or an aspiring bodybuilder in Ridgewood everyone wants to see change and progress from their weight training efforts.

There are seven variables to weight training.  Changing any one of these variables will have an effect on your weight training and your body’s response to that training.

  1. Which Exercises– What exercises you chose to work a particular body part, or combination of body parts.
  2. How Much Weight– The loading amounts, or the weight you use to work with in a particular exercise.  The amount that is chosen will have any effect on the body’s reaction to the stress being put on it.
  3. What Order of Exercises– The order of exercises that determines what is done first, second etc. This again stresses different body parts to a different degree.
  4. How Many Sets– How may groups of reputations are performed.
  5. How Many Reps– How many times in a row is a particular exercise performed.
  6. How Much Rest– How much time as a break is given between sets.
  7. How Often– How many times in a week are exercise routines performed.  How many days are given as rest between each body part, and each workout itself.