Supplements- Don’t trust the snake oil salesman

In the pursuit of physical perfection, and the improvement of physical performance the use of supplements to amplify and cause changes is not a new concept.  The search for ergogenic aids, or supplements to improve the boy’s functioning or performance is as old as: the ancient Greeks consuming ground lions teeth or the native Americans consuming ground buffalo testicles.          T The public’s conception of the means to change the body is not much better hundreds or thousand of years later.  The claims and marketing of today’s supplements make the concept of eating buffalo testicles seem logical.  Supplement companies are interested in making money not necessarily in helping, or furthering the health of their consumers.  Protein powder mixed with proprietary additives makes the claim that Mr Universe uses this formula to help achieve his massive chiseled body.  Mr Universe is obviously on a heaping helping of;  Steroids, HGH, Insulin and Sarms but they fail to mention that.  Proprietary additives are their special blend of not listed, and God knows what, ingredients.  Athletes of all types can generally benefit from a good multivitamin, possibly Creatine along with as needed protein and carbohydrate augmentation as dictated by their diet.  Everybody does not need everything.  Diet, sports specific nutrient timing and proper hydration are a matrix that is sometimes difficult to maneuver let alone understand by the layperson.

When in doubt about what to ingest for size-strength-performance or body composition do research seek out knowledge don’t run to GNC or the Vitamin shoppe and have someone who has only knowledge of what they sell and not nutrition or sports performance science.