Benefits of an in-home Personal Trainer

The benefits and advantages of in-home personal training are numerous and significant. The success of ones’ endeavor to improve fitness and health is constricted by ones’ resistance to change.  The most important element in change of any type is the whole hearted effort to maintain movement towards ones’ goal or goals.  Human beings when making a choice by one’s own volition must be fueled by the energies necessary to achieve said task.

Embarking on a successful fitness program requires a steadfast, constant focus on the goal and conformity of the individuals’ actions needed to reach their goal.   Newton’s first law of gravity stipulates an object at rest stays at rest while an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Movement of even the smallest muscle takes energy.

Moving away from basic physics to people leaves us with “people who are sitting on their butts tend to stay on their butts while people who are active tend to stay active.”  The key to movement is removing the resistance against the object attempted to being moved.  Homeostasis can be a blessing or a curse all depending upon whether you are happy with who you are and where you are.

Having an in-home personal trainer removes some of the restraints of time and personal responsibility.  There is a certain lack of solace brought to a mother who feels conflicted leaving their small child with a sitter or gym daycare.  Removing the time traveling to a gym can facilitate embarking on a health and fitness program for the busy executive or professional. Stress and lack of adherence to fitness can be reduced by having an in-home personal trainer.  There is no question when or where you are working out.  There is no worry as to what to do, or what is safe.  The ease of conformity to an exercise regimen is directly proportional to ones’ level of success thereof.

Fitness Performance provides in-home personal training.  This in-home service is available in much of the Bergen County New Jersey area.  Towns such as Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Allendale, Wyckoff, Ho-Ho-Kus, Hillsdale and Mahwah are just a few of thje many towns of which we service.  Portable equipment is brought to the home and used solely or used in conjunction with available equipment.  Scheduling is around your wants and needs.

There is a further benifit to in-home personal training, that is a child seeing their parents eating nutritiously and exercising on a regular basis.  This type of repetitive behavior sets up a positive patterning for future health and fitness predispositions.  Children follow what their parents teach without the subjective decision of truth or validity.  So would it not be wonderful to impart healthy lifestyle practices onto the ones we love.

Being successful with health and fitness improvements involves removing the resistance against changing our lifestyles and the functionality of our bodies themselves.  One of the most important variables for change is the reduction of the resistance to change.  The time and energy needed to travel to a gym or fitness facility is impeded by the responsibilities and time restraints of the individual.  Parents and nonparents all tend to be overloaded with the Sisyphean nature of existencel.  Health and fitness is a gift we give ourselves.  With improved function and a prolonged life span we can further give ourselves to that and those whom we love.