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 Bergen County’s Best & Most Experienced Personal Trainer

 Hi I’m Bill Lutz.  Personal trainer- weight loss, fitness training, kid’s fitness, senior fitness, sports and golf conditioning is what myself and Fitness Performance is all about.  I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer with over 30 years and 50,000+ hours of personal training experience. I was one of the first certified fitness trainers in the USA.  I pride myself on being a great motivator with a soft touch.  Focusing on clients’ health and fitness goals. while creating a program, that is tailored to each clients, specific body and personality.  Programs are formed around your schedule,  your needs, your goals.  Fitness Performance is the premier personal training company in Bergen County New Jersey. Specializing in In-Home Personal Training.  Traveling to your home or office, where you can exercise comfortably, without the judgments and eyes of others.  Going to a gym can be inconvenient and intimidating to many.  With my programs, you  experience one-on-one personal training including diet and nutritional guidance in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Arriving promptly on time with the tools and skills necessary to help you reach your goals in weight loss and fitness.

I also have a completely private exercise studio available for those who wish to train away from home. Fitness Performance is also the personal training company for Odyssey Athletic Center 168 Franklin Turnpike. Waldwick. Three locations three possibilities.

Want to lose a few pounds, have a child who needs help with athleticism, are you a senior who wants to live life to its fullest or do you just want to be in the shape of your life?  Put yourself in my hands, the expert for health and fitness in Bergen County N.J.  I provide In-Home Personal Training to: Allendale, Ridgewood, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Glen Rock, Woodcliff Lake, Ho-Ho-Kus, Mahwah, Midland Park, Oradell, Paramus, Ramsey, Montvale, Waldwick, Hillsdale, Park Ridge, Washington Township, Fair Lawn, Saddle Brook, Hawthorne and other locations.

Helping people in Bergen County N.J. look and feel great for over 30 years.   A proven track record of success with varied clients,  children as young as six, and adults as old as 98 years old. References are available both on the web and by request.

Whether you are training for sports or trying to lose a couple of pounds, I can have you functioning at your best, feeling and looking great.                                                                                                                 

                                                  Fitness Performance Personal Training @                                                                                                               


                                                                 Three locations to Train-

Your home- My private studio 

Odyssey Athletic Center

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  • Ed Pirone -Hawthorne
    My wife and I hired Bill as a personal trainer to help add structure to our workouts and achieve our fitness goals. Bill outlined a program for us which was extremely successful. I would recommend him to anyone having a difficult time achieving their fitness goals.
  • G. Martin- Franklin Lakes
    Bill was the first trainer i ever used. i was new to lifting. He was patient, knowledgeable and a great coach. I learned a lot from Bill and would recommend him highly.
  • D. Ciceri- Saddle River
    If you're looking for a trainer that will motivate and work with you don't look further then Bill Lutz. I went to Bill suffering from acute back pain, He got me back to the point where I was able to exercise and improve my overall fitness well beyond expectations! I recommend Bill to anyone who is looking to get fit and enjoy getting there."
  • S. Betti -Wyckoff
    Bill kept me motivated and engaged during our time together. I found his techniques and knowledge to be well above the norm. In the end, he became more than just a trainer, he was a friend.
  • R. Sabastiani -Oradell
    Coach Lutz to be very personable and cares about well-being of his clients. He instinctively knows when to push an athlete, but also knows their limits. Coach Lutz has an educational background in psychology, physiology and nutrition, all of which got my son back on track at various times.
  • David Aarons-Upper Saddle River
    Bill Lutz is, knowledgeable, well respected and experienced. He tailors each program to the individual's goals. He designs a program that incorporates a busy person’s schedule and makes the goal attainable. Beyond his 30 plus years of experience, most important, he understands that psychology is an important part of helping someone achieve his or her goal. Bill is the utmost professional!
  • Brian S. -Saddle River
    Bill has been working with my son over a year and the transformation is amazing! Bill has done an amazing job as well as being a wonderful mentor to my son. He looks up to Bill and cannot say enough for all of Bill's help and support. Thank you Bill for being such a positive impact on my son!
  • Peter Adams- Wyckoff
    Training with Bill has been a great thing for our son. We were looking for help getting him more active while improving his skills and coordination. Bill is extremely good with him and made him feel at ease from the start. It is evident that he has a lot of experience working with kids. We can’t say enough… we highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great trainer!
  • Jeffrey E. - Woodcliff Lake
    Before seeing Bill I was overweight and had trouble walking. After working out with Bill, I lost 10-15 lbs and and have a much better gait. For the first time in years, my bp and colesterol were normal--the only change I made in my life style was working out with Bill.
  • Dave G. - HoHoKus NJ
    When I started with Bill I was a 30 year old man with an extremely weak lower back. I was unable to lift properly and build up some muscle. With Bill, it was apparent that he had a lot of knowledge and experience. My strength increased, along with my size. Never ever once, did I hurt my lower back. Listen, practically anyone can get a personal training certificate now a days, so it's essential to choose someone with the proper education and background. He's like an encyclopedia of knowledge.
  • Andrew A. - Ridgewood NJ
    I started training with Bill in the summer and have significantly increased my strength. I can now deadlift 320lbs! I'm amazed at my increased confidence while working out. He customizes every workout to maximize performance and muscle growth. He knows how to make results happen. Bill is a professional and motivating trainer/coach who knows what he is doing.
  • Louise S. - Waldwick NJ
    Bill is THE BEST personal trainer around. I met Bill shortly after the birth of my 2nd child. He customized a postpartum workout and quickly got me back to my pre-pregnancy weight, just in better shape. No other trainer has the ability to motivate or customize a workout like Bill. I wouldn't be where I am today without him.
  • David M. - Mahwah NJ
    I am a 61 year old man. This is the best investment in my health and well being I have ever made. It has helped me control my weight. Increase flexibility, stamina, improve my physique, Bill does not push to pain or ever hurt me during training. He knows, understands and respects my limits and at the same time does not let me just slide by. He knows how to train and get results. The sessions go quickly!
  • Donald S. - Allendale NJ
    Bill Lutz is the most knowlegable & reliable personal trainer I have ever had the privilege to work with. His method makes the hour go quickly and I feel great and looking forward to the next session when we are done. Bill exemplifies he Fitness Performance motto, "it's all about you." He has worked around my sometimes challenging schedule without a problem. Anyone who has time pressures and needs to make the most of their time in the gym should hire Bill Lutz. If you have a home gym as I do, Bill will travel.
  • Jay Cohen MD. - Fair Lawn NJ
    Bill has worked with my father and his girlfriend, both senior citizens who wanted to improve their general conditioning. Bill assessed their needs and developed a program that was both invigorating and enjoyable. They started gently and over time increased the intensity of the workouts as their level of fitness improved. More then that, the workouts were fun and entertaining as well. Bill brings enthusiasm and a sense of humor to his workouts, and I highly recommend him.
  • Hillary P. - Ridgewood, NJ
    If you want to have a better life, you need to train with Bill Lutz at Fitness Performance ! He has changed my life over the last eight years, not only with the training but with the most interesting and fastest hour of my week ! Try Bill. You will love him and yourself !
  • Andrew W. - Hillsdale NJ
    Bill has been working with my son (now 14) for two years. In addition to helping him lose weight and become a better athlete, he has also been a great role model and friend.
  • Loretta A. - Washington Township NJ
    You Can't Go Wrong!! Bill Lutz is an awesome trainer! I have worked with him for only 12 sessions and have dropped 2 jean sizes! He utilizes every minute of our 1 hour session. Bill is very knowledgeable in his field and works around any limitations you may have. Thank you so much, you are the best!
  • Matt Parker - Ringwood NJ
    I have been working out with Bill for almost 10 years now and he has sincerely changed my life. He is willing to adapt to any fitness needs that you want but is also able to motivate you past where you thought were possible. I went from a young man who did nothing but playing video games to a college athlete. Bill is not only a great mentor, but a great person and a friend. You will not be disappointed.
  • Phil R. - HoHoKus NJ
    Bill Lutz has a very deep and wide knowledge of fitness, strength and athletic performance. He has programs and abilities that allow him to train the high school athlete to the grandma that wants to get in shape - and everything in between. Bill has experience with many modes of training. Take a session and see the difference.