Bill makes our youth fit. Many children and adolescents today are overweight and out of shape. Lack of physical fitness may cause a teen, or child to have low self-esteem. Being picked last to participate in a sport, game or physical activity does not make a child or teen feel good about their selves. Following a routine of improper eating coupled with the lack of physical exercise makes it difficult for a child to keep up with their peers. No one should feel like they cannot measure up to the standards of others but children can be cruel to each other.

Bill works effectively with children and teens having ADD and ADHD helping them with, focus and learning patience. Positive self imaging creates an internal environment that fosters belief in ones abilities and self. Bill helps them say “I can do!” No youth is too difficult to deal with. Bill will find common ground to build from, based on respect and understanding.

Certified JrFit – Youth fitness specialist.

Fitness Performance makes kids believe in themselves.  We increase children’s fitness, using calisthenics, flexibility, medicine balls, free weights, boxing and agility drills. Utilizing a multi directional program a youth”s fitness is improved, as is their, muscular strength, motor skills, and endurance.  Children and teens with weight issues will find the pounds burning off as they increase their metabolic and activity levels. We will mentor the kids in proper nutrition and good food choices. When children feel sluggish and not athletic they tend not to participate, for fear of failure.

Children who are already athletic can improve their performance in any sport, with proper training by Fitness Performance. There is no short cut to success. Teaching children that hard work and perseverance pays off is a lifetime lesson.

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